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Hi, my name is Iman

I am here to tell you all about the national dish of Egypt, the Koshary Bowl. 

  • What in the world is KOSHARY
  • How are we modernizing it
  • Who will be cooking your delightful meals
  • Why are we sharing it with everyone
  • How is our brand driven by purpose
  • Where will you find us creating impact


Average customer rating 4.82 (253 votes)

  • The Koshary is out of the world. A must have when coming to this place. They offer great menu of Egyptian street fare and is just divine! Delish!
    Jill Owens
  • I love this place! The food is amazing + the service as well. The food is very affordable and taste very healthy. Everyone should definitely check this place out.
    Farvin Magar
  • Way better than I thought. I love the flavors. They really pop. The texture and filling on the vegan kofta was soooo delicious. A must return.
    G Monet

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